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Cafe Capricho is a true “mom and pop” cafe.  Ed is generally in the front and Marina is the woman behind the curtain, making the delicious, honest and fresh food we all love.  The cafe itself is full of life and family centric.  The Mexican art and the brightly painted walls make you feel like you can let your hair down and stretch your legs out under the table.  The owners, Ed and Marina, have a strong sense of the community.  They have always known us by name, so I know they value us.

The food ranges from hamburgers and fries to burritos loaded with a variety of meats, to the freshest fruit topped salads, to vegan bowls loaded with greens and squashes.  My all time favorite dishes are the butternut squash quesadilla and the side of platanos fritos.

The cafe has recieved fantastic reviews from the Sacramento News and Review and The Sacramento Bee, that are well deserved.  Since they have such glowing reviews with lots of details on the overall experience, I want to tell you the top three reasons why I personally Love Capricho and why they are on this blog.

I love Cafe Capricho because I have seemingly endless options there.  They are willing to convert nearly their entire menu to vegetarian or vegan upon request.  And I don’t need to do any math.  I simply let Ed know that one of their fabulous burrito concoctions looks amazing, and ask if he could set me up with a vegetarian version, and wallah!  All the secret moles and almond sauces come out on alternative proteins such as beans or greens (yes, greens have protein).   No, a cheese enchilada at a Mexican restaurant is not really an exciting option for me.  To me, that is like going to a deli and ending up with bread and cheese.  I get to enjoy all of Marina’s creations because she takes the time to make it work for me.  They also have great choices for gluten-free and vegans.  Most importantly, they know what all those basic terms mean.

The food is honest and healthy.  They understand how to use fresh and healthy ingredients, and that those foods have thier own flavors so they do not need to be doused in oil.  They understand that I am not a “mac and cheese” vegetarian.  I actually like to eat healthy food and appreciate creativity and effort being put into food.    They do all of this, and you never see any tofu.  You could even get away without seeing a salad, even though you really don’t want to miss the exceptional fruity salad dressings made by Marina.

Finally, I must say, I go there because of the prices.  The two of us eat dinner for 20 bucks.  It is totally unreal.

We go, we connect with the community, my pocket book is in tact, I’m stuffed, and I don’t need to do a second work out.  I really couldn’t ask for a better package in a restaurant.

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