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preserved lemon orzo pasta salad

Remember the preserved lemon relish I posted? Many of you sent me messages that you preserved a jar of lemons so those should be about ready to eat!

Here are a few of my adventures with the simple preserved lemons that are easy to assemble: sauteed kale and chard with two tablespoons of the salted juice and one section of sliced preserved lemon; salad dressings using both the juice and the lemon; veggie pita sandwich with feta and sliced lemon; a Moroccan vegetable tagine with green olives and lemon; and a lemon saffron rice. The possibilities are endless and I really do not anticipate my stash of preserved lemons lasting through to next season.

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Roasted cauliflower and tomato salad

The Mark Bitterman, of The Meadow, interview sparked so many recipe ideas in our household.  His idea for pumpkin soup “aggressively garnished” with guacomole, creme fraiche, cilantro and black diamond salt quickly turned into an entire roasted vegetable themed event including companion dishes, desserts, and of course friends over for dinner.

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 Two quinoa supergrain salad with lemon tahini dressing

Not sure if I’ve mentioned how much Portland rocks yet…but there are countless veggie restaurants that get how to make great food. When we were asking around for recommendations on the best places to visit, the Vita Cafe came up time and time again. This killer salad is a re-creation of their supergrain salad. It has a pulse of its own.

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