Welcome!  Eat Well, Live Free is an adventurous, Sacramento food blog that focuses on healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes influenced by the seasons, locally grown food and family traditions.  My husband, Marcos, and I, firmly believe that by eating healthy, humanely and in season, our minds and bodies are healthy and we live free.  Most of the recipes are based on what is currently growing in our gardens and available at the local farmers market.  I am on a constant search to find delicious and healthy recipes that satisfy all the veggies and carnies in the family.

Many of the recipes featured on the blog were created by our family.   I love to make recipies from my mother-in-law and grandmother who have transformed their traditional Mexican cuisine into high protein, vegetarian, whole grain and low-fat delights.  I also use recipes that have been modified from existing recipies to increase protein and lower the fat.  Some are even modified from meat based recipes.  Many recipes have notes at the end regarding ideas to convert the recipe to vegan or raw.  We have a list of recommended cookbooks on the site under “Books we like”.

I also profile restaurants here in Sacramento who Get It.  Being a vegetarian and eating out can be hard as we are often times relegated to the world of sides.  We don’t live in a vegetarian foodie paradise like San Francisco, but through our adventures in this city, we have found both vegetarian and meat based restaurants that pay special attention to the growing crowd of vegetarian customers who Love good food. You will not be served pasta with red sauce or a salad with only lettuce at any business profiled on this site.  As much as I love to cook, we try to eat out and support these businesses owned by our neighbors.

Marcos created this website and has done all the beautiful photography posted.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Bon Appetit!


Please note: I do not accept any payment for reviewing a restaurant or local business on this blog.  I do accept advertisements if your business seeks to further healthy eating and lifestyles.